Going out for lunch is one of my favourite things to do and Seeds 2 in Totnes is one of my preferred places to go. The above photo is taken from their Facebook page as I completely forgot to take one showing some of what they offer.

They do an all you can eat buffet style salad bar filled with a huge variety of delicious freshly made salads, breads, dressings and hot dishes such as lentil based curries and soups with everything being vegetarian and most of it being vegan.

We have been quite a few times now and the staff are always friendly and there is a really nice atmosphere so if you are in Totnes looking for somewhere for lunch (or just a hot chocolate) then I highly recommend Seeds 2.

They also do the most amazing hot chocolate, I would recommend going just for that!

You will find them just at the top of the Totnes highstreet, head over to their website to find out more Seeds 2 Totnes

Thanks for reading!