Screen printing is the process of applying ink to a substrate through a mesh stencil. The stencils are produced by exposing artwork on to a frame covered in mesh which has been coated in light sensitive emulsion. Screen printing has been around for over a thousand years and is used to create detailed, long lasting prints. We use a manual 4 head press which allows us to print up to 4 colours per design.

Like all things screen printing has its pros and cons. The main pros of screen printing are:

  • Excellent print durability
  • Low cost print runs for high quantity
  • High quality output
  • Can be used to print on a variety of locations on a garment
  • Vibrant colours even on dark garments

The cons of screen printing are definitely outweighed by the pros however they should be considered to ensure it is the best option for you:

  • Initial set-up costs can be expensive
  • Minimum print run of 12 garments
  • Depending on the design complexity some detail may be lost in the stencil making process, however this is usually minimal and not noticeable.

The costs you will need to consider for screen printing are as follows:


Each colour in your design(s) will require its own screen. There is a one-off set up fee per screen.

Therefore if you have a design which requires two ink colours there would be two setup fees.

When printing on dark garments it may be necessary to lay down a layer of white ink first (called an underbase) to make the colours stand out, this would require its own screen.


Print cost will vary depending on the number of colours used and the quantity of garments being printed as well as the colour of garment.


I offer a huge selection of quality garments at competitive prices and will work closely with you to find the best fit for your requirements and budget.


All completed orders are shipped with DPD at cost price, or you can collect from my workshop in Torquay.

The higher quality your artwork the better it will print. I recommend working at 300dpi with the artwork at your intended print size or bigger. If your artwork is not print ready then there may be a fee to have it prepared for print.