Embroidery is the process of stitching your design directly on to the garment. We use high quality industrial machines capable of stitching up to 15 colours per design. Embroidery can be applied to pretty much any garment type and will produce a long lasting, professional looking finish.

We have made the conscious decision to use Madeira threads for all of our embroidery. This is down to not only their excellent quality but also their production methods and environmental actions which align with our business ethos.

Madeira have almost 100 years of experience in thread production and are well known for consistent high quality across a broad range of vibrant coloured threads.

Embroidery has it’s pros and cons, here is a quick guide to help you determine if it is the correct decoration method for you:

  • High quality, long lasting finish
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Suitable for most garment types
  • Can be applied to most locations on a garment
  • Decoration process has minimal environmental impact
  • Designs can be generated from lower quality artwork

Although the pros of embroidery outweigh the cons it is worth considering the following:

  • There is a one one off set up fee per design. This fee starts at £20 but may be higher for larger/more complex designs.
  • Larger designs can be quite costly due to the amount of stitches required.

The costs you will need to consider for embroidery are as follows:


There is a minimum one off set-up fee of £20 per design. Larger/more complex designs may incur a higher fee.

This set-up fee allows us to convert your artwork in to a format suitable for embroidery machines to understand.


Embroidery cost will vary depending on the number of stitches used in the design and the quantity of garments being embroidered.


We offer a huge selection of quality garments at competitive prices, please see our garment catalog to view the full range.


 We ship all completed orders with DPD at a cost of £15.95.

The following prices are to act as a guide, for an accurate quote please contact us. A small badge would apply to most breast size logos and a large badge would apply to a chest or back logo.

Small Badge£8.50£5.80£5.20£4.00£3.50£3.00£2.50POA
Large Badge£15.00£9.00£7.80£6.50£5.80£5.00£4.50POA

Here are some key things to consider when choosing embroidery:

  • Prices are based on stitch count, therefore more complex and larger designs will be more expensive
  • Embroidery can cause skin irritation to skin, if embroidering on to vests or t-shirts we recommend keeping the stitch count light by going with smaller, less heavy designs
  • Very fine text or intricate detail might not come out as well as you would hope, we can advise on this upon receiving your artwork